Jack: Hey! I'm Jack Frost guardian of winter and fun c: and this is my bo-
Pitch: I'm Pitch and Jack frost the annoying winter thing but who is undeniably cute is my boyfriend
Jack: Ehem yeah. So Me and Pitch are kinda in an open relationship. So I'm with Hiccup as well.
Hiccup: Hey gu-
Pitch: Shut up Hiccup
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(Laying in bed besides each other)

Jack: *moves closer to Pitch cuddling him*

Pitch: Jack...it's too early for this and you are freezing!

Jack: *looks up at pitch* Well excus- *thunder. Jack buries back into his chest*

Pitch: Oh...I get it. You are scared of thunder. *wraps arms around him*

Jack: *flinches* Of course *thunder sounds again* n-not

Pitch: *chuckles* It's okay...I'm here *whispers holding his cold body close*

Jack: Th-thank you. I love you

Pitch: *kisses his forehead* I love you too

wakingtofairytales asked

Jack: Yay! I’m someone’s favorite!!

Pitch: Shut up *rolls eyes* 

Me: erm guys…this is about me so leave…

  1. I have lived in 7 countries in my 15 years of life 
  2. My first languages are Tonga and Swedish 
  3. I loooove to draw 
  4. I don’t really have any friends other than the internet *sad times* 
  5. I am ahead at school 
  6. Two of my favorite bands are NIRVANA *duh* and Green Day 
  7. I love roleplaying *hint hint*

  8. I’m Bisexual. 
  9. I read far more than is normal 
  10. Robert Downy JR is going to have my babies


Jack: Pitch? You are the nightmare king right?

Pitch: *rolls eyes* well duh

Jack: Does that mean you control all that is bad within dreams? like sinful things

Pitch: Yes, Frostbite

Jack: *giggles* so are you the one that gives me sexual dreams about you all the time *smirks*

Pitch: ...

Anonymous asked
like you Jack Black ?

I do. I do every much so

What Pitch Say's to Jack

Pitch: You're an idiot

Pitch: You scare me...and I'm the king of Nightmares

Pitch: You're stupid

Pitch: You freaking winter imp

But more often he say's:

Pitch: You're beautiful

Pitch: You're adorable

Pitch: I think you're special

Pitch: I love you

Life with Jack Frost

Jack: I wish people could see me *pouts*

Jack: Wait...then I can do whatever I want to *smirks*

Jack: *dances around like a freak creating snow Days in the weirdest places e.g Africa*

Pitch: ...

Pitch: I can still see you idiot

It’s still not enough


He turned around instantly. He knew the voice. He would always recognize the voice.  Jack Frost smiled softly looking up at his secret love “Hey” he whispered as Pitch Black lifted him and hugged him softly. He’d been waiting in Pitch’s bedroom, he was desperate to see him. The relationship between them was strong however they couldn’t risk someone finding out. Therefore they spent less time together. 

"I missed you" Jack whispered snuggling up to him 

"I missed you too" Pitch looked down at the small boy who was burying his head into his chest "…Jack…what’s wrong" he sighed and kissed the top of his head gently 

Jack didn’t really want to tell him…it seemed to embarrassing for him considering he never tarnished his pride let alone show anyone else but Pitch his vulnerable side. He shook his head wrapping his arms around him tightly

"Jack, please tell me" Pitch sighed slightly worried, he could tel when Jack was sad. He knew pretty much everything about him now. 

"Pitch…" he whispered quietly "It’s not enough" he whimpered hugging him tightly "I c-can’t only see you once or twice a week…I /need/ to see you everyday" he whispered looking up at him big-eyed. 

Pitch looked at Jack stunned for a moment, it had actually never occurred to him that being alone for Jack was scary for him. He had things that he could /do/ if he wanted but all Jack could do was wonder around the place bored and lonely day after day when he didn’t have duties. “Jack…why didn’t you just tell me?” he sighed hugging him closer and laying down with him on the bed. 

"B-because I didn’t want you to think that I was to clingy  he mumbled "And I don’t want to put our relationship at risk" Jack sighed snuggling closer to him

"Jack. I love you. Our relationship is between us not /them/. I want to wake up and see you there everyday. I don’t want you to be alone" Pitch kissed him gently. 

Jack smiled softly and kissed him back wrapping his arms around his neck and blushing “I love you too” Jack whispered smiling “Promise me you’ll never leave me?” 

Pitch kissed him again and chuckled “Or course not. I’ll love you forever and more”