Jack: Hey! I'm Jack Frost guardian of winter and fun c: and this is my bo-
Pitch: I'm Pitch and Jack frost the annoying winter thing but who is undeniably cute is my boyfriend
Jack: Ehem yeah. So Me and Pitch are kinda in an open relationship. So I'm with Hiccup as well.
Hiccup: Hey gu-
Pitch: Shut up Hiccup
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Anonymous asked
How exactly do you ship pitch with jack? And is it like a threeway with Hiccup? How would they start dating? I'm all for shipping but I don't exactly get this. :)

//Helloooo. I’m not sure what you mean by how, but I ship them because of they have similar personalities but with a different outcome. But also they are opposites. If that makes sense. eg, Jack is ice cold whereas Pitch is like a slow burning heat. 

Pitch and Jack occasionally have a threeway with Hiccup because he is cute and doesn’t really mind it. 

There are a number of ways they’d start dating but I don’t think they’d ask each other out per say. 


(Laying in bed besides each other)

Jack: *moves closer to Pitch cuddling him*

Pitch: Jack...it's too early for this and you are freezing!

Jack: *looks up at pitch* Well excus- *thunder. Jack buries back into his chest*

Pitch: Oh...I get it. You are scared of thunder. *wraps arms around him*

Jack: *flinches* Of course *thunder sounds again* n-not

Pitch: *chuckles* It's okay...I'm here *whispers holding his cold body close*

Jack: Th-thank you. I love you

Pitch: *kisses his forehead* I love you too

wakingtofairytales asked

Jack: Yay! I’m someone’s favorite!!

Pitch: Shut up *rolls eyes* 

Me: erm guys…this is about me so leave…

  1. I have lived in 7 countries in my 15 years of life 
  2. My first languages are Tonga and Swedish 
  3. I loooove to draw 
  4. I don’t really have any friends other than the internet *sad times* 
  5. I am ahead at school 
  6. Two of my favorite bands are NIRVANA *duh* and Green Day 
  7. I love roleplaying *hint hint*

  8. I’m Bisexual. 
  9. I read far more than is normal 
  10. Robert Downy JR is going to have my babies


Jack: Pitch? You are the nightmare king right?

Pitch: *rolls eyes* well duh

Jack: Does that mean you control all that is bad within dreams? like sinful things

Pitch: Yes, Frostbite

Jack: *giggles* so are you the one that gives me sexual dreams about you all the time *smirks*

Pitch: ...

Anonymous asked
like you Jack Black ?

I do. I do every much so

What Pitch Say's to Jack

Pitch: You're an idiot

Pitch: You scare me...and I'm the king of Nightmares

Pitch: You're stupid

Pitch: You freaking winter imp

But more often he say's:

Pitch: You're beautiful

Pitch: You're adorable

Pitch: I think you're special

Pitch: I love you